Monday, July 22, 2013

Intro to Radiation

We're three sessions down...only twenty two to go.

So far radiation has been a smooth ride. The staff are great. More than great! On the first day the nurses said they'd keep an eye on the boys for me while I had my treatment. I left Harry & Jack set up in the waiting room with snacks & toys, showed Harry the nurses station around the corner and nervously hoped for the best.


I came back ten minutes later to find the boys chatting up FOUR nurses. Clearly I have nothing to worry sons have perfected the art of flirting!


The treatment itself takes no time at all.

The view isn't too bad either!


My 'new' boob became a bit sore after session two and is a little rosy but moisturising four times a day with sorbolene seems to be helping.

Let's hope that things continue to be this easy.


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