Saturday, January 23, 2016

It aches

Today has been...immensely sad. I am tired. Tired of losing beautiful friends to cancer. No matter how expected the loss is, it is still loss. It aches.


My friend Julie has put it into words so perfectly.


I slept all afternoon and woke up with my baby boy curled up beside me, fast asleep, his head nestled into my shoulder. Two thoughts came to mind...I am so grateful to be alive and with my Littles...and it is unimaginably cruel that Nat's little girl, the same age as Jack, has lost her mother. Her wonderful, warm, intelligent, kind, gorgeous mother.


Earlier this evening I watched the boys play cricket in the backyard and wandered about the garden taking photos.


Life goes on doesn't it. I wish it could have gone on for Nat. She fought so hard, endured such brutal treatment. The cruelty of cancer is so awful.



I am grateful to have known you Nat. To share the devastating lows and fabulous highs within our cancer clique. Missing you already. See you on the other side my beautiful friend.


xx Em

Puddleducklane for business.

Puddleducklane Again has re-opened after a lovely end of year break.


The store is now filled with pretty totes, cute library bags, water resistant swim bags, clever drawstring playmats and beautiful bunting.

I'm working on some new cushion designs and playing around with ideas for tablet covers and messenger totes.

Had so much fun styling and snapping my stock...especially the playmats with Miss Addy and Master Duncan...too cute for words.


You can find Puddleducklane Again on Etsy right here.



Custom orders are warmly welcomed and please feel free to share the love and the link.


Happy shopping!

Xx Em


Monday, January 18, 2016

The Big Hole

After a week housebound with the flu it was so nice to get outdoors and go hiking today.

The Husband suggested we check out The Big Hole in Deua National Park, about 90 mins drive south east of our place. The weather was perfect. Blue skies, cool breeze and plenty of sunshine.

The trail to the Big Hole is family friendly and a pretty easy walk. The landscape changed from eucalypt bush to alpine heather as we got higher up the hill.




The view from the top of the hill across to the mountains in the west was stunning.



I was amazed at the size of the Big Hole when we reached it. I knew it was big but didn't expect it to be THAT BIG! Photos don't capture the true scale. I fact I could only fit half of the hole in my viewfinder. At just over 100 meters deep it's utterly breathtaking. I loved standing on the viewing platform watching swallows swoop and circle to catch insects then return to their nests on the limestone ledges.




My favourite part of the trail was wading across the Shoalhaven River.




The water was icy but so refreshing especially at the end of the hike. Time like this with my boys...discovering, adventuring,'s the best!

We stopped at historic Braidwood for lunch on the way home. I could happily live in that gorgeous country town. The Main Street has a lot of new cafes and homewares stores since our last visit. We lunched at the Braidwood Bakery then finished off with sweet treats at the old lolly shop.


A great day trip from the Canberra region. Can't wait to do more!


xx Em


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Being stuck in bed with influenza wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind for my 39th birthday. Instead of breakfast out at my favourite cafe this morning I had breakfast in bed.



I slept the rest of the day away and resurfaced late this afternoon wheezing like an old accordion. Boo hiss to the flu!


It got me thinking cancerversary is on Thursday. This time three years ago I was going out of my mind with fear waiting for biopsy results. The results turned out to be the shittiest birthday present EVER! So really, a narky little flu isn't so bad after all.


I've been showered with love from the Husband and my Littles and my inbox is full of lovely messages from family and friends.


The past week has been busy with trips to playgrounds and cafes. My cousin Loni came to stay for a long weekend which was so lovely. It was great to spend a bit of quality time together.




I've also been pre-occupied with coming up with new designs for Puddleducklane. A lovely big shipment of fabric arrived from America last week so I've been sketching and swatching and sewing with glee. Puddleducklane Again will reopen on the 20th of January. Can't wait!


xx Em