Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Botanic Beautiful

We spent a couple of hours wandering about the National Botanic Gardens this morning. It was beautiful and peaceful and perfectly lovely.

Tomorrow is our last day with Miss Amelia. We’ve had such a delightful time with her here and we’ll miss her to bits when she’s back home. She’s slotted into our little family so seamlessly. I’ve loved braiding her hair every morning while having a chat about life, the universe and everything. The kids have played beautifully together all week. Cousins are the best aren’t they!

xx Em

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Autumn School Hols

The Autumn school hols are here again and our niece has come to visit. The boys love having their cousin here. Harry and Amelia get along especially well, they’re two peas in a pod, both in age and personality. In the last few days we’ve hit up the National Museum for a few rounds of K-Space, played at Boundless Playground, had a girls shopping date in the city, been for a bike ride and caused baby Pierre to get a prolonged fit of the giggles while we babysat him. 

Today the big kids and I took a day trip out to Jugiong for a spot of brunch and a visit to the train museum at Yass. 
In Jugiong we had a stickybeak at the Sir George with its beautifully renovated building and colourful veggie patch, then grabbed a table on the verandah of Longtrack Pantry for a delectable bite and a browse through the homewares store. 

These two gorgeous peeps surprised me with the sweetest present....literally!

Harry gave the little train museum at Yass his official tick of approval...derelict tracks to walk along, old carriages to explore and a volunteer to converse with about Victorian vs New South Wales rail gauges.

I’m treasuring this time with the kids. More school hols adventures to come!

xx Em

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Yarralumla Lovely

We popped over to Yarralumla for a coffee and a stroll around the lake to Weston Park this morning. Autumn is starting to unfurl herself despite the lingering heat.

Have a gorgeous weekend!

xx Em