Thursday, September 24, 2015

Spring Roadtrip - The Farm Day 2.

Another busy on the verandah at sunrise, checking yabby pots in the dam, moving horses to the yards, feeding cattle and then an afternoon spent exploring the historic village in town.



xx Em


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Spring Roadtrip - The Farm Day 1

It was a pretty magical first day on the farm.

The boys spent all day exploring. When they weren't helping Nana with collecting eggs and feeding the horses and cattle, they were on the quad bike, riding the tyre swing and and running around the house paddock. I was so impressed with Harry...he'd been quite nervous about the farm before we got here, worried about snakes and big scary horses. But as soon as we'd arrived I found him down by the fence having a jolly old chat with Drum and Matilda. He's discovered how much he loves being on a farm and is thriving. The Jackman is in his element too. Both boys love hanging out with Nana, she's loads of fun and to them, her place is one big adventure.


I spent my first day soaking it all up. The country girl inside of me is doing a happy dance and I'm actually relaxing for the first time during our holiday. Wishing Husband was here to kick back with us too, we miss you Hon. xxx



Lots more adventures abound so stay tuned.


xx Em