Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Autumn in Adaminaby

We're home from a beautiful long weekend in the Snowy Mountains.

Autumn in Adaminaby is so gorgeous and we loved exploring our friends' farm which is tucked in a valley with the Murrumbidgee river running through its centre.

The Jackman and Brock spent most of the weekend side by side, bounding about the place like the goofy puppies they are.

Claire and Paul are like family to us and it was so lovely hanging out together. It was our first time at the farm. It was always on our to do list to visit but life's distractions seemed to get in the way. Not anymore. We're chomping at the bit to return already and we'll make time for it.

The boys got stuck into some jobs with Claire and Paul...

... while I wandered about capturing all the colour and texture of Autumn.

Paul took us for a drive across the property up to the hangar where he keeps his plane. The boys were a bit chuffed to sit in the cockpit and check out the controls and I was a bit chuffed to see a mob of wild brumbies along the ridge and pretty faced wallabies everywhere.

In the late afternoon we wandered down the hill from the house to the riverbank to spot platypus. The boys managed to see a big fat wombat out the front of his burrow on the opposite bank. I wish I'd had a better zoom lense with me because he was well camouflaged against the dirt of the burrow. See if you can spot him in the pictures below. A couple of water rats were also paddling about getting their supper which made me immediately think of Wind in the Willows.
It was glorious to sit and enjoy such a scene together.

The adults sipped prosecco as the sun went down and then, when the chill set in, we all headed inside for a fabulous roast dinner. You know your kids have had a fulfilling day when you find them in an armchair next to the fire, asking if they can go to bed early, because they're so warm and sleepy.

We ate a hearty breakfast the next morning, watching the heavy fog slowly lift from the valley through the large kitchen window.

I popped out to capture images of the dewy spider webs in the trees along the river before the sun dried out the diamond like beads of moisture.

The weather was perfect for a paddle upstream. The sun was warm, the water calm and clear and the valley still. The only sounds we heard were the plink plonk of the paddle through the water, the occasional mooing from curious cows in the neighbor's paddock and birdsong along the bank.

The boys did a spot of trout fishing after lunch.
Those wily trout eluded their lines but they had fun trying.

We almost ended up staying another night, (you wouldn't have had any protest from me but Hubby had to work the next day), when we couldn't find our car keys as it was time to head off. After searching though all our bags and bedding several times over they were finally discovered, (boo hiss), and we bade our farewells to our beloved friends.

The drive home was both beautiful, (Bolaro Station, gorgeous), and heart stopping, (hello kangaroos in the middle of the road at night, bloody hell that was close!).

I adore the Snowy Mountains with its wild, untamed wilderness and pockets of autumn beauty.

Thanks Claire and Paul. We can't wait to return!

xx Em.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Golden hues down winding roads.

The boys and I stopped off for coffee at ONA on the Lawns in Manuka this morning.




While we were waiting for our babycinos and flat white, we made the impromptu decision to head out to Tidbinbilla for a play. Cause that's how we roll in school hols...spur of the moment road trips are our style yo!


Secretly...(OK, not so secretly, who am I kidding!)...I wanted to see some golden autumn glory along the winding road between Cotter Dam and Tidbinbilla. So...wagons roll!


I mean really...




It's just too beautiful to miss!

That big blue sky and those golden avenues of poplar and birch.




Not to mention these golden goofballs.



After much stopping along the side of the road to oooh & ahhhh at the view, we reached Tidbinbilla, said hi to the emus and the boys burnt off some energy on the flying fox and super high slide along with dozens of other kids.






Lunch was just down the road at the Space Centre where we decided we'd happily live if we could plop a cottage next to the satellite dish.



Another play in the Space Centre's new playground and then it was time to plod home, stopping off now and again to oooh and ahhh at more Autumn pretty.



xx Em