Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Because of my cancer...


Its been twelve months since I was hurled aboard that runaway cancer train. In a lot of ways I am so glad this wretched year is at an end. But in others, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

That must sound strange.



Of course I wish that I hadn't lost my breast and my hair. I certainly would have preferred not to have endured the hell that is chemo and radiation. But had I not gone through it all, I wouldn't have experienced the immense avalanche of kindness and love that came with it.



Because of my cancer, I have grown into a person whom I like a great deal more than the me of twelve months ago. Because of my cancer I now look at life from a different perspective, from a place of gratitude. Because of my cancer I have learnt that I am capable of enduring so much more than I ever thought possible and have developed a new found confidence, fear simply doesn't have the same hold over me the way it used to.

And for that, I am glad.

And so, fare thee well 2013. Thank you for the good and precious moments but don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!



I'm welcoming 2014 with all its possibilities and the hope that a fresh year brings. My New Years Resolution is to seek JOY in the every day.

My cancer journey isn't over, I still have another mastectomy to get through in the first half of the year, but its a small price to pay to reduce the risk of breast cancer returning. Besides, I look at it as a chance to even up again.



We are still hoping to somehow buy that house we fell in love with, which, despite being a huge, long term reno project, gives me a great thrill. It would be completely amazing if we could pull it off, but if it doesn't come through we will keep looking. What is meant to be is meant to be. I'm handing it over to the Universe.



I want to thank each and every one of you for your incredible support and encouragement this year. Thank you for all of your comments and emails, thank you for sharing this blog with others and thank you most of all for sharing this year with me.

I wish you all a beautiful New Year's Eve and may Twenty Fourteen be a year of good health and great love. See you on the flipside!

xx Em


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Home and hosed.

We're home from our perfectly marvelous week away. It was exactly what we needed to restore ourselves after such a trying year. A huge thank you to our neighbors Claire, Paul & Holly for letting us stay in their beautiful beach house.

We already miss that spectacular view.

My official line is that I left a little piece of my heart in Eden and will have to go back next year to retrieve it.

Yesterday we opened the gifts that were left under the tree (thank you Aunties & Uncles...the boys LOVE their presents!) and spent the morning pottering about the house trying to keep cool.

The Jackman slept so well in the single bed at the beach house that we decided that it was time to ditch the toddler bed and get him a big bed of his own so I went on the hunt yesterday afternoon and found a fabulous 1920s style frame which arrives tomorrow. I'm just a smidge excited about taking down all the baby decor and redecorating Jack's space with a whole new look. Have been getting some great ideas from Houzz.

Hubby has another two weeks of leave and we're making plans for days spent paddling about on Lake Burleigh Griffin with our kayak, bbqs with friends and visits to Questacon and the Railway Museum. Think we'll squeeze in a few swims at our local pool & some backyard water fights too.

Am finally going to see The Hobbit DOS tonight! Have only been waiting an eternity to see this one. Really, why do we Aussies have to wait longer than the rest of the world to see these films. Such a tease! Anyhoo, the time has come again to feast my eyes on the magic of Peter Jackson. Squeeeeee!

Happy Summer

xx Em


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve in the garden of Eden

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

We are soaking up the goodness of this beautiful patch of paradise called Eden, staying in our neighbor's beach house which perches on the hillside, looking down on the bay and across to the harbour. A long jetty jutts out where the boys go fishing and watch yachts bob about on the water and the air is filled with the melodious calls of bellminers and whip birds. At the bottom of the hill is a quiet little cove with a beach that is perfect for kids, complete with a playground. Honestly could it get any better!?!

We're in holiday mode and loving it.

Our days have been spent adventuring in the national park,



playing on the beach

and putting our feet up with an afternoon tipple and a good book.


Harry regularly quips that he "loves being on holiday" and the Jackman is never happier then when he's running up the beach as fast as those little legs will carry him.

Both boys have been sleeping like logs too.



Eden is such a friendly spot...the locals are lovely and we have consistently hit the jackpot with good food and great service whenever we've ventured out for a meal.



We are loving being together in this beautiful place. Its good for the soul.



This time last year I discovered that lump in my breast. I spent last Christmas feeling silently terrified of what that meant. This Christmas I am no longer afraid. I have survived this year and discovered that I am stronger than I'd ever imagined and truly grateful for my life and my beloved.

I want to wish each and every one of you a joyous and beautiful Christmas, wherever you are. Thank you for your incredible support, love and encouragement this year...it has meant the world to me.

Much love xxx



Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Wafflings

It's been the usual crazy busy run up to Christmas.

Was chuffed when these Sticky Toffee Pudding cupcakes turned out trumps. Katie's fab recipe can be found here.


Harry had his Preschool Christmas concert and party last Friday.

The little guy experienced his first bout of stage fright the night before when it dawned on him that there would be an audience. I honestly thought he was going to sit it out but he overcame his nerves and rocked the performance with the biggest proudest grin on his face.



He is now a Preschool Graduate and we are so proud of how far he's come this year. Look out Big School!



The Jackman has turned into a rascally monkey and I'm constantly finding him up on furniture, usually in a precarious position, giving me several heart attacks a day. The picture above is Jack in his sulky mode. He's taken to sitting up high with his bottom lip sticking out when things don't go his way. The sulks generally come with an emphatic "Don't want to play, EVER AGAIN". I have to stifle my giggles. Now where have I heard that line before?



The cuteness though...oh the cuteness! It makes up for all the times I want to pack both boys off to Siberia for being such ratbags.



And before I forget...tomorrow is the last day to pick up something pretty for Christmas from my Etsy store. Puddleducklane Again will be closed from the 20th to the 28th of December.


Frost Swarovski Pearl Necklace



Arctic Sterling Silver Bracelet


Must dash...there's packing for the beach to be done, some baking and last minute Christmas gift making and putting the house in order before we head to Eden for our holiday.

xx Em


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

All that glitters...

Ok, so PHEW...have been listing a whole bunch of pretty handmade bling on my Etsy shop today...in between entertaining, refereeing and feeding two small boys who have somehow not been able to go for more than 3 minutes without my attention. Coincedence...I think not.

Anyhoo...my supplies finally arrived from America on Monday and the elves have been frantically working nights making earrings, necklaces and bracelets for Puddleducklane Again.

So...without further ado...here are a few of my favourites.


Glint Swarovski Crystal Earrings


Glint Swarovski Pearl Necklace


Midnight Swarovski Pearl Earrings


Frost Sterling Silver Bracelet

Ice Queen Swarovski Pearl Necklace


Arctic Sterling Silver Bracelet.


Must say, am rather chuffed with how they've turned out. Hopefully others will love them as much as I do. Cheers to creativity and sparkly things.

xx Em