Saturday, January 31, 2015


I love Fridays. A clean house, grocery shop completed with a non-tantruming three year old, a quiet lunch and an afternoon harvesting a sizeable bounty from our garden.

Such a lovely feeling gathering up big bunches of herbs, filling baskets with apples & pears, digging up potatoes & onions and cutting armfuls of rhubarb while the kids race around the backyard with several blow-ins from the neighborhood. Even better when that bounty is bubbling away in pots on the stove or being spooned into jars to give to friends.

Yesterday's efforts were:
Today I'm trying my hand at:
With this spot of cooler weather spending weekends in the kitchen is a joy.



Have a gorgeous weekend!

xx Em


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Soul Satisfying Beautiful

We escaped to Lanyon today.
Wrapped in layers, revelling in the chilled air.
A temporary hiatus from Summer.
Rock plonking by the river's edge, occasional car rumbling high above our heads across a narrow bridge. Wind through towering poplars. Sun on rippled water. Clouds cruising across cornflower blue skies.
Drinking in the summer colour of the homestead garden.
The promise of a long awaited Autumn hinted in amongst the foliage.
Time to wander, to taste, to breathe in.
Little boys and blackberry hedgerows. Lingering for just one more sun-sweetened treat. Stained fingers, ruby lips, contented grin.
Shape, texture, colour, scent. Drink it in, a sensory feast.
Sulphur crested cockatoos take raucous flight.
Time to sit, no need to think.
Generations of stories, captured. Time stood still.

Immersed in soul satisfying beautiful.



xx Em