Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cousins are the sisters you never had.


I have many cherished childhood memories of staying with my cousins during Christmas and Easter school hols. I loved being surrounded by my "bestest friends in the whole wide world". I adored them and we had so much fun together. Life was always so much more exciting when I was around them.



The boys have their 9 yr old twin cousins visiting this week and it reminded me how lucky I was to live so close to my extended family when I was young. I took it for granted back then how accessible we were to eachother, but I certainly appreciate it now. Geographical distance is the enemy when it comes to our family catch ups. None of us live in the same vicinity so spending time together usually boils down to quality over quantity. Getting to spend a whole week with my nieces is awesome.

For Harry and Jack...cousins are the sisters they never had. They're getting a taste of what life would be like with big sisters and Soph & Tash are coming to know what having little brothers is all about. A dose of fun and frustration for both sides I think, but ultimately, they're enjoying hanging out with eachother for more than a couple of days at a time.


I am hoping that all the kids will have cherished memories of their holidays together. Perhaps they'll include moments like these.



xx Em





  1. Em - if this is a third response I apologize but my computer is testing me to throw it out the window...patience is at it's peak! Anyways...moving on. Raisin is SO the same with his cousins from Vancouver. They were here for the holidays and he kept saying to me "Teagan and Imogene are my best friends mummy." So stinkin cute! As your boys are with their cousins no doubt! It's a shame they're far away, but the memories made are so sweet and when they do see eachother it's like they've never skipped a beat!



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