Friday, August 28, 2015

Guest Post - Kids Bedroom Design Ideas by Modernize.

Happy Friday Folks.
Time to feast your eyes on some interior design eye candy.
I'm a sucker for beautiful spaces and was chuffed when the lovely Kelsey from Moderize contacted me to do a guest post.
My top three from this list are The Trendsetter, The House Next Door and The Writing On The Wall. What are yours?

xx Em

10 Brilliant Kids' Bedroom Design Ideas You Will Love, Too
Kaitlin Krull

If you’re looking for some design inspiration for your kid’s bedroom but are having a hard time coming to terms with all the Disney characters and plastic furniture on the market, then have no fear. At Modernize, we know that it’s just as important for kids to have beautiful spaces as it is for adults. Take a page out of our design book and check out these 10 design ideas that you will love just as much as your kids will.

The Ultra Modern
Nothing says modern style like crisp, clean lines and immaculately tidy spaces. This minimalist bedroom speaks volumes with a few bright pops of color and a cool fox wall transfer. Sometimes less is definitely more.

via Modernize

The Ikea Hack
No design inspiration list is complete without a good, old-fashioned Ikea hack. In this case, take a Stuva cupboard, add some paper decorations, mini Ikea furniture, and Washi tape, and you have an instant dollhouse. Throw in the rest of the aesthetically pleasing Ikea children’s range and your kid’s bedroom will have more Scandinavian design flair than you know what to do with.

via Modernize

The Grown Up Space
Just because your little ones are, well, little, doesn’t mean their rooms have to be full of plastic and pirate shaped furniture. Take a page out of a grown up style book by kitting out your kid’s room with display shelves, a corkboard wall space, and a mature study area. Forgive your children when they color all over the white painted walls, too.

via Modernize

The Symmetrical Room
If you have even an ounce of Type A spirit in your brain, then you will love the aesthetically pleasing design of this shared bedroom. Nearly mirror perfect, the two halves of this room will surely stop any fighting over room space and toys (though I find it hard to believe anyone actually lives in this room).

via Modernize

The Trendsetter
The inner hipster in all of us loves a good trend, as long as we’re the first to think of it. With any luck, your child will be the first to have a cosy teepee as well as a chalkboard wall in her room, and will grow up to set the style trend everywhere she goes.

via Modernize

The House Next Door
If, like me, you imagine the perfect childhood to be sitting in a window seat reading Anne of Green Gables and watching the world go by, then you will have no trouble recreating this idyllic bedroom space for your own children. Just make sure those windows are well and truly locked, because kids these days are crafty.

via Modernize

The Canopy
This bedroom screams funky, eclectic style. If you’re looking for something out-of-the-box and original for your kids, then this is the kind of room you should strive for. But the focal point of this room is the creative, luxurious bed canopy. If you’re super clever, you can steal the design for your own bedroom, too!

via Modernize

The Writing on the Wall
The easiest way to brighten up a room is to decorate the walls. In this case, the gorgeously designed wallpaper (or is it paint?) gives this eclectic bedroom a calm, relaxed feel that will lull even the most energetic little ones off to sleep. Maybe steer away from a swinging chair if you have extra bouncy kids,though.

via Modernize

The Ceiling
Even easier than a wallpapered wall is a wallpapered ceiling. This poor, forgotten room surface can completely transform a space with a few clever strips of wallpaper. If you’re feeling extra creative (and brave!), try hand painting the ceiling with stars, spots, or chevrons instead. Definitely steal this idea for the grown-up rooms in the house, too.

via Modernize

The Wildest Dream
Okay, so this is in no way a realistic kid’s bedroom design, but any parent who dares to complete this design feat is automatically the coolest in all the land. Guaranteed. Who doesn’t want to live in a fully heated, powered, indoor treehouse?! No one, that’s who.

via Modernize

Monday, August 24, 2015

Stylin it up



This is what I spent my weekend on...have to say that I'm pretty chuffed with the end result. We have a wedding to go to next month and I decided to make some new accessories to jazz up my outfit.





I found the pattern and tutorial for the Integral Bow Clutch by CONSTRUCTIVism on Etsy. Its definitely not a beginners project but worth the effort and patience. I got it finished in a weekend.





I found a great tutorial for DIY shoe clips on Pinterest so I fashioned some out of the leftover lining fabric and some vintage costume jewellery. I love the contrast of fuchsia and black with that little bit of sparkle.



Next sewing project on my list...making the boys some summery tees and shorts for our trip up to Queensland in the September school hols.


xx a Em


Thursday, August 20, 2015

The promise of Spring

The first of the cherry blossoms...and with their blushing blooms comes the promise of spring.




Bluebells pushing their way up out of the soil.

Hellebores bobbing their blousy heads.

Colour creeping back into the garden.





Veggie beds filled with broad beans, cauliflower, baby cos, rainbow chard, carrots, garlic, onions, kale and corriander.




This week has been beautiful for outdoor play...positively warm at 15 degrees. So lovely to stand in the sunshine and take in the garden as it starts to wake from its winter slumber.


Bring on Spring!


Friday, August 7, 2015


Winter is by no means a dull affair for foodies in Canberra. There are several festivals through July and August paying homage to Canberra's produce. The Truffle Festival is an impressive one. Last year's festival had over 350 individual events spanning 200kms across our region.
My lovely sister-in-law Margie and her friend Ali came to stay for a long weekend recently. One of the highlights of their visit was a truffle hunt at Tarago Truffles, a property just half an hour from our place.
Ali had quite a soft spot for the dogs who were the star of the hunt. The girls learnt about the Perigord Black Truffle from their hosts Denzil and Anne Sturgiss and loved the harvesting experience, including a fabulous truffle infused alfresco lunch at the end.
And the prize for wandering through rows of hazelnut and oak trees in the icy cold elements...
...these beauties!
Margie and Ali came home bearing gifts for us...a gorgeous Tarago truffle fresh from the ground, some moorish King Island Dairy Double Brie and a divine bottle of red.
Ermagawd!!! HEAVEN!!!
These tasty treats came with some fabulous recipes to boot.
For Truffle Brie take a good quality double Brie, slice in half. Layer finely shaved slices of black truffle on one half. Place the other half back on top. Wrap in foil and leave to infuse in the fridge for 2-3 days. Serve on crackers accompanied by a beautiful robust red wine.
The earthy flavour of the truffle really compliments the creaminess of cheese.




Truffle goes really well with butter, eggs, cream and cheese.


I whipped up some truffle scrambled eggs on sourdough toast for dinner one night. A simple but sumptuous dish using freshly laid eggs from our hens that were stored with the truffle for 24hrs.





Add a dash of cream and a little salt and pepper to the eggs, scramble them over low heat, serve on thick slices of Italian sourdough toast and finely grate truffle over the top.







Thanks Margie & was Trufflicious!


The Truffle Festival Canberra Region is definitely worth indulging in.

It's a taste of Mid-Winter magic!


xx Em