Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jackman's Batman Party

Our littlest Little turned four on Tuesday.


According to Jack, if you can't be yourself, then be Batman, always be Batman! We decided on a small party this year with a Gotham City theme. It was great fun gathering ideas and putting it together. Pinterest, I couldn't have done it without you!
There was Joker Juice, Robin Sausage Rolls, Spider-Man Spinach Pastries, Bat Sandwiches, Penguin Popcorn, Two Face Oreos, Mr Freeze Cheese and Villainous Veggies.
The photo booth was great fun.
A couple of rolls of black gift wrap and a chalk pen made the perfect Gotham City skyline and I found these great prop printables here.
The kids played Detonate the Bomb & Batman Bluff in the Bat Cave, then they piled into Jack's room to put his new Lego sets together.
Jack picked out this cake on Pinterest and I gave it my own twist. It was my first attempt using fondant (eeek) but it eventually worked out. The cake itself was a rich chocolate mudcake with chocolate buttercream frosting. Yum!
We are so grateful to our friends who helped celebrate Jack's birthday, all crammed into our little cottage on such a chilly winter's day.
Happy Birthday Jack!
We love your feistiness, your quirky sense of humour and your sweet, sweet affectionate self.
Your imagination knows no bounds, nor does your energy.
Fantastic Four...we love you to the moon and back!
xx Em



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