Sunday, November 24, 2013

Local Love

It was a completely gorgeous Sunday morning and we spent it out and about in our little town.

Starting with breakfast under the trees at The Millhouse Cafe.


Then a quick trip to Pialligo to pick up some plants



Before heading to our favourite park in the centre of town for the annual Queanbeyan Family Fun Day.

Its a fantastic free event that includes all kinds of family activities from pony rides and magic shows to field sprints and carnival games.

Not to mention a bit of foodie fare...


Really love the community spirit that this day evokes.




Saturday, November 23, 2013

A dash of Christmas Magic, French style.

On my birthday, back in January, I had a gorgeous brunch with my girlfriends. At that brunch Anna & Rach gave me a gift voucher for a French cooking class at Le Tres Bon.



I had intended to use it earlier in the year but surgery, chemo and radiation always seemed to get in the way. So...I saved my little golden ticket for one of the Christmas classes and rallied a couple of girlfriends to join me.

Today was our class and it was such marvellous fun!

Le Tres Bon is a completely charming French restaurant and cooking school down the main street of the village of Bungendore.



You know you're onto a good thing when you step inside and are greeted with a friendly hello and a made-to-order coffee.

Owners Christophe and Josephine Gregoire gave us a warm welcome and we chatted amongst ourselves with our coffees until everyone had arrived.



Chef Christophe showed us how to make Nougat Glace de Noel (Christmas Nougat Icecream) and it was a pleasure to watch him turn eggs, sugar, fruit, nuts, cream, honey and spices into an irresistably beautiful dessert.



Then it was our turn to make some French Christmas magic...while sipping on flutes of champagne tinted with rosy red hibiscus flowers.



Do you know the difference between Italian, Swiss and French Meringue? We do...and they're all delicious!



It was such a relaxing and fabulously fun lesson with plenty of playful banter and a handful of interesting foodie tips thrown in for good measure.

When the class had finished we all sat down to a beautiful lunch with a glass of rose and joyful conversation.

And rounded off our meal with that yummy nougat icecream.


Thank you Anna & Rach for the perfect birthday present.

Thank you Lisa & Amita for your fabulous company.

Thank you Christophe and Josephine. We had such a great time that we've already penciled next year's classes into our calendars.



If you live in the Canberra area and are looking for a fabulous French dining experience or want to take a class then contact

Le Tres Bon.

Bon Appetit



Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice

That's what my nieces are made of.


Yesterday I found the perfect gifts for all of my gorgeous girls...and yes, I should probably wait til after Christmas to show you what I got them, but I can't...far too excited...I've officially jumped feet first into Christmas 2013.



Zara Kids always has a beautiful collection for girls and they certainly came up trumps for the holidays with these utterly divine lace dresses and intricate gold embellished shirts. The dress I bought for Miss Lucy reminds me of a Nutcracker Ballerina. David Jones has had a complete makeover and just reopened in time for the holidays...woohoo...and in the newly jazzed up DJs I found some equally divine headbands.



Too much bling is never enough for my little beauties!

So...that's half of my Christmas shopping sorted.

xx Em


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Race you!

Goodness what a lazy weekend. We spent all Saturday in our pjs, the boys played with lego and watched Thomas dvds, Hubby and I took turns sleeping and we ordered pizza for dinner. The flu we had was really starting to get on our nerves. Just when we thought we were at the tail end of it, it knocked us over again. So...bang went Saturday.



On Sunday morning we took ourselves off to Glebe park in the city to give the kidlets, who were feeling a great deal better than the parents, a chance to burn off some energy. Harry had a hoot on his bike while Jack stuck to the playground.




It was a gorgeous day in a gorgeous space and so good to be out in the fresh air and sunshine. I loved watching Harry have an impromptu race with a little girl on a scooter. She came tearing up behind him and as she overtook he shouted, "Oh no you don't, race you!" and off they went. It was hilarious!



The afternoon was spent sorting out the study while the Jackman napped. I've temporarily transformed it into a little studio for my etsy shop and now have a little space of my own where I can leave out my sewing machine, fabrics, scissors, ribbon and numerous spools of cotton with no fear of a toddler wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, not working at the dining table means that Hubby and I spend our evenings at opposite ends of the house instead of being in the same room and I know it sounds soppy but we miss eachother's company.

Still, its not forever and I'm getting lots made with more to come...(she says as she impatiently waits for an order of Swarovski beads and jewellery findings to arrive from America. C'mon already, these ideas for earrings, bracelets and pendants are BURSTING out of my head!).

Last night's accomplishments...some sweet burlap ornaments for the tree.


Burlap Christmas Tree Ornaments


I think if I have the time, I'll be making a batch for our tree this year.


Anyway, we're all very much on the mend now...(don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out festy flu!)...and looking forward to the lead up to Christmas.

We were going to spend Christmas in Queensland but had to cancel our trip and were feeling really blue about it. We've since decided that Christmas at a beach house down on the South Coast is just the ticket. It has been such a stressful, awful year. At the beginning of the year, during the times when I wondered if I would even make it to December, I told myself that I had a fantastic family holiday in a beautiful, peaceful space to look forward to and that thought helped me to keep positive. I need us to have that wonderfully relaxing holiday. I need to be able to enjoy my family, with nothing more strenuous to do than build a sandcastle with my boys, lift a glass of wine to my lips or put my arms around my husband for a lovely long hug.

Bring on December!

xx Em