Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pretty in Pink

There have been so many devastating and despairing events around the world that have made me want to hide away, switch off and press mute for a good long while. 

I acknowledge how privileged my life is at the moment. I have the ability to take that step back when things feel overwhelming and recharge in a safe, comforting space. I wish everyone could do so when they needed to. 

Last week I created a small, quiet, feminine space that is just for me. 
A little library, pretty in pink, softened with a new rug, some curtains and handmade art. It’s a good spot to curl up with a book and some tea. The canvas is the first painting I’ve done in many years. A simple abstract that was so enjoyable to make. Husband took one look and said it reminded him of a galah that had been run over...the boys said it looked like beautiful clouds at sunset. I think I’ll take the latter compliment and ditch the critic’s observation. I’d like to add a few more pot plants and pop some framed botanical prints on the walls but overall I’m so happy with how it’s turned out.

I like how the space feels a lot less like a walkway out to the garden and more like a place that makes you want to stop and stay awhile. 

Seeking the slow life.

xx Em