Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Golden hues down winding roads.

The boys and I stopped off for coffee at ONA on the Lawns in Manuka this morning.




While we were waiting for our babycinos and flat white, we made the impromptu decision to head out to Tidbinbilla for a play. Cause that's how we roll in school hols...spur of the moment road trips are our style yo!


Secretly...(OK, not so secretly, who am I kidding!)...I wanted to see some golden autumn glory along the winding road between Cotter Dam and Tidbinbilla. So...wagons roll!


I mean really...




It's just too beautiful to miss!

That big blue sky and those golden avenues of poplar and birch.




Not to mention these golden goofballs.



After much stopping along the side of the road to oooh & ahhhh at the view, we reached Tidbinbilla, said hi to the emus and the boys burnt off some energy on the flying fox and super high slide along with dozens of other kids.






Lunch was just down the road at the Space Centre where we decided we'd happily live if we could plop a cottage next to the satellite dish.



Another play in the Space Centre's new playground and then it was time to plod home, stopping off now and again to oooh and ahhh at more Autumn pretty.



xx Em


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