Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A little bit of Lanyon.

Hello Lovelies,

Hope everyone had a wonderfully sweet long weekend. The boys begrudgingly went back to school this morning after four days filled with play, chocolate and cuddles from Nana and Aunty Kate. In between dishing out hugs to the boys and making us laugh with her antics, my mum was busy volunteering at the National Folk Festival over the weekend. She had such a great time and got to listen to a huge variety of music while she was there. Yesterday was the final day of the festival so this morning I took her to Lanyon Homestead for morning tea before she headed south to the Snowy Mountains to volunteer at The Man From Snowy River Festival. 

As we drove through the gates we both realised that the last time I’d been at Lanyon was on the day of Rach’s funeral a year ago and the last time Mum was at Lanyon was when we came with Rach and the kids two years ago  What a bittersweet feeling it was to come back again today.

We had coffee on the terrace then took a stroll around the garden which was looking ever so pretty with a family of ducks waddling about the orchard and artists perched on little stools painting landscapes with their watercolours. 

We bumped into Lanyon’s housekeeper who was gathering flowers and I’ve decided that I VERY MUCH want her job! Imagine working in this glorious place....happy sigh!

We bought a couple of Autumn Joy sedums from the tiny homestead plant stall by the front gate. I’m going to plant them with the sedum I bought from Lanyon last year. There something special about having a little bit of Lanyon in my own garden. 

Thanks for such a lovely visit Mumma! Hope the next festival is just as fantastic! Love you to the moon and back!

xx Em

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