Saturday, January 23, 2016

It aches

Today has been...immensely sad. I am tired. Tired of losing beautiful friends to cancer. No matter how expected the loss is, it is still loss. It aches.


My friend Julie has put it into words so perfectly.


I slept all afternoon and woke up with my baby boy curled up beside me, fast asleep, his head nestled into my shoulder. Two thoughts came to mind...I am so grateful to be alive and with my Littles...and it is unimaginably cruel that Nat's little girl, the same age as Jack, has lost her mother. Her wonderful, warm, intelligent, kind, gorgeous mother.


Earlier this evening I watched the boys play cricket in the backyard and wandered about the garden taking photos.


Life goes on doesn't it. I wish it could have gone on for Nat. She fought so hard, endured such brutal treatment. The cruelty of cancer is so awful.



I am grateful to have known you Nat. To share the devastating lows and fabulous highs within our cancer clique. Missing you already. See you on the other side my beautiful friend.


xx Em

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