Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Fig & Vanilla Bean Jam + Slow Roasted Peaches

Hubby visited a friend's farm on Sunday and came home loaded with a gorgeous Autumn bounty of figs, peaches and quince.





I love how the sweet fragrance of the fruit permeates the house. Very grateful for our generous friends who give share their beautiful produce with us throughout the year.



First up....preserving these luscious ripe figs before they have a chance to spoil. There's no better way to capture their flavour and make it last through winter...it can be used in pork dishes, cheese platters, sweet pastries, scones and plain old toast.
This great recipe comes from foodie blog Dish by Dish. I put my own spin on it by adding the seeds of a vanilla bean and doubled the quantities to make enough for five small jars.




Second up...slow roasting peaches with butter, nutmeg and brown sugar to be served warm with cream and toasted almond flakes.






The taste of Autumn.

Bon Apetite

xx Em


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