Sunday, May 13, 2018

Down Country Lanes for Mumma

In celebration of Mumma’s Day, the boys and I jumped in the car and took a meander down country lanes in search of good coffee and autumn colour. 

We cruised past Lake George and stopped at Collector for coffee and pumpkin bread at Some Cafe.

Nipping down back roads we discovered some pretty little properties dotted with sheep and cattle, eventually finding ourselves on The Vineyards Road, immersed in stunning autumn foliage.

It was magical. Hills lined with the golden grapevines, an avenue of scarlet and amber trees, blackberry bushes ten feet deep and two sweet boys who loved the autumn splendour just as much as me. When we’d had our fill of leaf fights and acorn collecting we drove west to Gundaroo for a pub lunch and a stroll around the village before heading home. What a truly satisfying day for this happy Mumma.

xx Em.

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