Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Cold Snap.

The cold weather seems to have finally settled in this week and not a moment too soon because my agitation was reaching critical mass. Having Summer run all the way to May is not lovely, the endless heat is not a bonus, it’s the shite product of climate change and it makes me want to scream. Actually there are a whole lot of ignorant, self absorbed humans who make me want to scream right now. The world is entirely out of kilter with cruelty, stupidity and greed holding the balance of power. Why is it so hard for people to be kind and clever and compassionate? It’s perplexing.

It felt good to switch off from the world and spend time in the garden this morning. The claret blush of the grapevine; the golden glow of the quince; the pops of pink from lingering summer blooms; the cooling hues of salvia and violet...all balm for the soul. 

xx Em

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