Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Master Six

Last night we celebrated Harry's 6th Birthday.
As I cuddled him at bedtime I told him how lovely it felt when he was a tiny baby tucked up in my tummy. I told him how I used to play 'Prod' with him, how he would give me a tremendous kick, I'd poke his foot back and he'd kick me again. I told him how funny it was when he got the hiccups, making my gigantic pregnant belly jump. I can't believe that was six years ago.
Six years ago he made me a Mummy.


My sweet grown up boy.


Still very much a train buff, although he has declared that he's too old for Thomas & Friends these days. He only likes 'real' trains. For his party he took a few of his friends on a vintage steam train trip to Bungendore.

He did the invitations himself which I have to say, were pretty spectacular.



The train trip was a big hit with all of the kids but most of all the birthday boy. He was beside himself with excitement.



I hope that we are creating a fantastic collage of childhood memories for our gorgeous boy. Something that he can look back on with great fondness.


Harry, I love your kind heart, your incredible curiosity, I love how you've become such a voracious reader and an avid artist.

Six is going to be spectacular!


xx Mummy



  1. It's great that both Bella and Harry still like train trips at age 7 and 6. Let's hope the younger two keep the excitement till they are the same age too.

  2. Hi Em,
    happy birthday to Harry, great pics!

    Speaking of train trips... can't get enough of this video (an ad, but a great video nonetheless):



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