Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday strolls


Yesterday was wet and grey and miserable.


We ditched home renovations for a rallying walk by the lake. Granted, the wind chill was a little icy coming down from the Brindabellas at 30kms an hour but the sunshine was bliss and watching the boys play in the leaves warmed our hearts.
If ever there was a time to come and see's late April/early May. So much to love...the colour, the crisp air, the sunshine, the rain, coffee to warm cold fingers, crunching through leaves with hands plunged deep into coat pockets, galleries, restaurants & Autumn roses.
I'm so grateful that our boys get to immerse themselves in spaces like the National Gallery's Sculpture Garden.


Happy Sunday Peeps!

xx Em



  1. It looks so beautiful! Autumn here is always rainy and windy so I long for a clear and crisp day like you seem to have had. I love the effect of the steam rising between the trees in the last few photos!

    1. Cheers Emma, the mist is an art installation in the sculpture garden. It's so beautiful to see and feel, no matter how many times we go there I never get tired of it. Hoping that Spring has made a proper appearance on your side of the globe. xx Em


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