Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cotter & the Coffee Fairy

School holidays have come to end. Sniff!

I've loved having Harry at home and I must confess, I've enjoyed a break from the daily school run. We braved the grey skies and rounded off the hols with a bbq breakfast at Cotter Dam.


Canberra is ablaze with Autumn colour and Cotter was blanketed in gold.



Can I just say how GREAT it is to be dressing in layers again. Hello scarves and jackets and beanies!!!



The picnic grounds at Cotter have some stunning locals. Love a bbq at the best of times but most of all when there's a bit of a chill in the air.



I made the cardinal sin of forgetting to pack the milk to make our coffees and lo and behold, just as I'd resigned myself to a caffeine free breakfast, a vision on four wheels rocked up in the carpark.

Thank you Coffee Fairy!!!



It seemed too good to be true but sure enough, Our Dream Cafe came to the rescue. Couldn't quite believe a mobile cafe was all the way out at Cotter!



Canberrans...if you want a caffeine hit at your next function, give this guy a bell. I highly recommend him! It was really, really great coffee! Totally made our breakfast! After our little feast we went for a stroll along the creek.



There was a lot of rock plonking and exploring and general chit chat.



Love spending time with dear friends in such a beautiful spot. Am determined to get out and about a lot more this year. How was your weekend, long or otherwise?


xx Em


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