Monday, May 12, 2014

Pictures and Playdough

Some moments captured over the weekend...
Our first crop of pears,
a hit of Autumn colour,
British comfort cooking and a jam jar of homegrown pretty...

Saturday morning farmers market bounty,
the last of the tomatoes before the frost set in,
chrysanthemums for Mothers Day...


I'm suffering serious Mondayitis today.

Just want to curl up and sleep until this wretched flu disappears. Week three and counting, blah!

Rather than going to gym and the playground this morning, I gave in to my ratty mood and we stayed home and made playdough instead.

Love watching this little guy while I'm curled up on the couch drinking tea.




Time to get out in that afternoon sunshine and walk off my melancholy.


Wishing you all a wonderful week!

xx Em



  1. love reading all about your adventures Em. Your love of canberra makes me want to move there even more. love love love.

    1. Well come on down know I'd love to have you guys in the same town! ;o) xx

  2. Your posts always have a way of reminding me of the days when my kids were little. I look at the photos of your little man today and remember the play dough times and wish for those moments back again. Thanks for beautiful words and photos that are constant reminders of what is truly important. Gaye

    1. Thanks Gaye, am realising how quickly the time is passing with these two and feeling the need to cherish these kind of moments. xx

  3. Lovely photos! That playdough looks like sugar cookie dough (I might have eaten it...).

    1. Ha, Jack found it pretty tasty! Something about salt and irresistable combination.


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