Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Forever my favourite season.

Autumn has been so incredibly beautiful this year. 
Forever my favourite season.
The colours are nectar for the soul.

With visitors staying and stunning weekend weather, we've been playing the local tourist, showing off all the pretty around Canberra.

Its been so nice to spend time with family during the last couple of weekends. How lovely to have a coffee together or go for a long stroll and have a decent chat instead of the short and sweet interactions on social media. I do envy my friends who have their extended family living in the same town or city. Cyber hugs just don't rate against a real ones.

Our garden was on fine display too.

In between entertaining visitors and kid-wrangling, its been a rather productive month for me, painting window frames, gardening and tackling all the little jobs that have been piling up on the to-do list. Its amazing how much I can achieve in 6 hours when I don't have a little tacker in tow.

Best get on with some of them now. 
Winter is on its way and our veggie patch is demanding some attention before the first frost sets in. 

xx Em

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