Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter in Adaminaby

Time to share some snaps from our lovely Easter long weekend on the farm.
As Harry put so perfectly..."Being on the farm is so comforting, it feels like home in my heart, being here, near the river, I feel safe and happy, I like the smells and the sunshine and the sounds of the birds."  
So true my darling chap, so true!

Spending time with our 'surrogate family' at their farm in the Snowy Mountains was ambrosia
 for my soul, dearly needed after the last few devastating weeks of grief. 
Autumn in Adaminaby was as pretty as ever. Beautiful sunshiny days and cold crisp nights. 

We arrived on Good Friday and the boys wasted no time re-acquainting themselves with the river. 

After a lovely lunch catching up with everyone I went for a wander about the paddock with my camera. So much autumn pretty about...I was especially besotted with the briers covered in crimson rose hips that lined the riverbank.

Never short of colour and texture in a place like this.

Friday night we played noughts and crosses with the boys and sat by the fire after dinner.

On Saturday morning we rumbled down the dirt road into the town of Adaminaby for the Autumn Fair. It was a great turn out with a lovely atmosphere. The main street was lined with food and craft stalls, there were pie eating & trout tossing competitions, face painting, jumping castles, trailers of firewood auctioned off & a dog high jump. We made a bee line to the CWA hall to snavel a devonshire tea with scones fresh from the oven loaded with jam & cream. Heaven! With tummies satisfied we wandered up to the end of the street for a peek at the pretty stone church then wandered back, stopping to mull over preserves and buy a cherry pie from the CWA food stall.  After a couple of hours in town we returned to the farm and spent a lazy afternoon just hanging about.

Saturday night we feasted on Claire's fabulous lamb roast followed by bread and butter pudding and cosied up by the fire with a wee dram of whisky while the boys toasted marshmallows.

Paul took the boys out after dinner to spot wombats and foxes. It was an exciting adventure for them, despite not spotting a single furry beast. Harry got to gaze at the Milky Way while they were out there, sparkling away in all its splendor, far from street lights and city haze. 

Easter Sunday dawned coated in a light frost. I got up early and walked down to the river, without the rabble of kids and dogs, to look for platypus. It was so beautifully tranquil with the morning fog swirling on the water. I managed to spot one platypus but it ducked under the surface as soon as I lifted my camera up to capture it. Shy fellow. 

The boys did their egg hunt after breakfast, tearing about the home paddock searching for hints of colour tucked away in tree hollows and shrubs.

Then dividing the spoils back by the warmth of the fireplace.

Later in the morning the Husband and I took the canoe out on the river for an impromptu date. Aside from birdsong and the occasional mooing of a cow it was stunningly serene and so lovely.

After a barbecue lunch we packed up and reluctantly headed off home.

Such a wonderful time with friends who feel like family.
Thank you Claire, Paul, Holly and Alessandro for such warm hospitality..

Til next time...

xx Em

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