Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spring Roadtrip - Sunshine Coast

The last leg of our trip...the Sunshine Coast.

We took a detour to Maleny on our way north from Brisbane. I wanted to have a little picnic in one of my teenage haunts...Mary Cairncross Park. It was a gorgeous morning, surrounded by lush green rainforest and happy kidlets running wild. The view was just a beautiful as ever.


We stayed with my dad & brother Alec at Mudjimba. My little super fishes spent the afternoon swimming in Dad's pool. On Tuesday we had a fab morning at the beach catching up with my brother Chris and his family. The girls have grown so much since last year's visit. It was brilliant fun for the kids, jumping waves and digging channels in the sand. We had morning tea in the park and a play in the playground. Can't wait to meet my newest niece early next year...she's currently a super cute baby bump on Karen.
For lunch I took the boys to the little town of Yandina for some train-tastic fun at the Ginger Factory.



After a 'post train ride' icecream we went back to Chris & Karen's for dinner and a play while a spectacular storm brewed in the south. By the time we were ready to go back to Dad's it was pouring.

We ended up heading home the next day. The boys had reached their travel limit by Tuesday night and were missing their Daddy like crazy so we left a day earlier than planned. I'm sorry to everyone whom we didn't get to see this time. I had hoped to catch up with many more family and friends but thought it wise not to push it with the boys. The trip home seemed so much longer. We spent a night at Glen Innes in the very lovely 'Apartments on the Park'. All three of us were exhausted and staying in a luxury apartment with a huge spa and super comfy king bed was just what we needed that night.

The next morning we strolled up the Main Street to The Coffee Incident for the world's best muesli and a cracking good coffee. Jack decided that the three nurses who came in for coffee were decidedly suspicious, so he spied on them, turning to give me the thumbs up every now and again. So stinking cute and very funny.




I covered a mammoth 1000kms on the second day's drive. We could have stopped for another night but it was worth pushing through to hug Hubby tight and sleep in our own beds again.


Looking back it was a really fantastic roadtrip. We travelled 3000kms from start to finish, from countryside to coast and back through the country again. We stopped in some great little towns, had adventures wherever we went and got to spend time with some of our most beloved family and friends. These are the kind of holidays that I hope the boys remember with great fondness.


xx Em





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