Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Visit Canberra


Oh Canberra, how I love thee!


I love capturing your beauty, your flavour, your creativity, your landscapes, your people, your passion and your style.


I love sharing you with everyone, I'm obsessed and proud! can imagine how chuffed I was that Visit Canberra decided to do a little feature on their Facebook page about how much I love you. Visit Canberra do a stellar job promoting your virtues, and they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to what's on in your gorgeous city & surrounds.


I hope that others are inspired by my images and come and experience all that you have on offer for themselves. Just sharing the love, and I you...Canberra!


xx Em



  1. Lovely photos, I would like to visit Canberra one day. It's not so far away from me in Perth (well, everything is far from Perth lol)

    { }

  2. It was our pleasure Em! Thanks for always sharing your beautiful Canberra images with us.
    Regards, Joni from VisitCanberra


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