Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hello beloved Autumn. I've been longing for you to show yourself for months and here you finally are. Summer's heat is still lingering during the day but at night we feel your familiar chill in the air. A rich claret is creeping into the green leaves of the love tree; the potatoes have been harvested and stored away for cold weather cooking; dry corn stalks rustle in the afternoon breeze and the pumpkins are almost ready to be picked. Apples and pears have finished, the basil has gone to seed and the last of the carrots and onions have been gathered.


While hubby turned over the vege beds and pruned back the fruit trees yesterday, I sketched the tired old herb garden and worked out a new planting design. Now that the bones of the garden have had five years to establish, I feel confident enough to play with new colours and textures in the plantings.



I do love a good project to sink my teeth into. Looking forward to reinvigorating the entire garden, stage by stage. Next spring will be spectacular!


xx Em




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  1. I always get a trip that we're on opposite seasons. I'm just itching for some sun!!! I LOVE your backyard. And I saw your jam on instagram....i bet it's just beyond!!!!!



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