Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gumboots & Gardens


After a very warm weekend with tops of 27 degrees Celsius, (sweltering I tell you...stop sniggering Queensland family) we're enjoying a few days of glorious soaking rain. The garden is doing a happy dance at the moment. The pear, cherry and apple trees have finished blossoming and are in leaf again. The lavender is resplendent in its vibrant purple. The wisteria, jasmine and port wine magnolias fill the warm afternoon air with their heady perfume. The banksia rose has burst into a buttery yellow cloud of blossom and the herb garden is fragrant and full. The hen house has been fox proofed and prepped for our new clucky hens arriving this weekend. Everything is alive and exciting and beautiful.


The boys spend most of their time outside, riding bikes or playing Dr Who with the neighborhood kids who inevitably find their way to our backyard after school and on the weekend. On rainy mornings Jack makes his way outside before breakfast to search for snails on the garden path, jump in muddy puddles in his gumboots and save wriggly worms from drowning in the rain. I love that he's such an inquisitive little guy and has such a soft spot for animals.


This weekend we'll be making a scarecrow, settling in our new hens and coming up with some crazy cool decorating ideas for Halloween.

I Love October!


xx Em



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