Saturday, August 23, 2014

The first flourish of Spring


The first flourish of Spring.
Cherry blossoms, violas, marigolds, snowflakes and the emerald green of emerging bluebells.
We're a tad late in prepping the patch, time to harvest the last of the winter crop, dig over the vege beds and plant out spring seedlings. Our garden has been sadly neglected over winter, we'll be busy playing catch up over the next few weekends. Hopefully the chicken house will be fox proofed and ready for some new gorgeous clucky hens in the coming months. I've missed our girls terribly and can't wait to have freshly laid eggs again.
Hidden under the cabbages were unsuspecting contestants for an impromptu snail race.



It was a heart stopping thrills & spills event. Jackman's nag left the other in his slimy wake. Always something wonderful to do or discover in the vege patch. I love that the boys never tire of playing in our garden.


Happy Springy Saturday!

xx Em



  1. Beautiful photographs! The cherry blossoms looks so pretty :)

    1. Thanks Lovely, they're my favourite part of Spring.

  2. Sofia loved the snail race, especially the baby one!

    hello jack!


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