Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bust the Budget

Dear World,
Just want you to know how deeply ashamed I am of Australia's current government. I did not vote for Tony Abbott and deeply regret that so many apathetic, ignorant Aussies happily bought into his three word slogans during the election campaign last year to put him in power.
Some have since regretted doing so, most won't admit to it.
I am deeply ashamed at the horrific physical and mental harm that our Government is inflicting on the men, women and children who have sought our help and protection as asylum seekers. I am outraged by the sheer arrogance of Immigration Minister Scott Morrison who refuses to keep the Australian public informed and thinks that decent Australians won't question his militaristic approach to this Humanitarian problem. I have one word Morrison...REFOULEMENT!
I despair at the bone headed ignorance of this Government as it continues to deny the scientific evidence and economic impact of Climate Change. It disgusts me that a Government so openly tied to the coal industry has the power to send our country backwards when it comes to the Renewable Energy sector. It flies in the face of reason to deny the fact that in a country such as ours, renewables like wind and solar are the most abundant environmental and cost effective energy choices. And despite Abbott's fear mongering claims, the carbon tax has actually done its job in reducing emissions. It angers me that they just don't care about the devastating impact that their choices have on my children's future, let alone their own children and grandchildren.
I am sorry that all of the great things about our country, like our universal health and education systems, science and research community and welfare safety nets are being attacked and eroded by extreme right wing ideologues. And for whose benefit? Certainly not the vast Australian population. Certainly not for economic prosperity and certainly not for those most affected by the budget cuts and policy changes.
It embarrasses me that our nations leaders are so blatantly...well....stupid. They prove daily that they are bereft of intelligence, logic & common decency. Qualities I would have thought vital when governing a nation. It shames me that Abbott and Co. govern by inarticulate deceit, denial and smug self interest.


And so, World, I will continue to get off my ass and get out into the streets to protest alongside thousands of other concerned Aussies in rallies like last Sunday's Bust the Budget, until enough of Australia wakes up from its apathetic slumber. When it does, we can kick this hideous mob out, apply critical thinking to our democracy and demand a better standard of Government.




We want you to know World, that we really are better than this.

Not all of us are ignorant, racist, redneck bogans.

xx Em


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