Thursday, February 13, 2014

Penny for your thoughts?

Ooohhhh...I just love an impromptu date night, don't you!



Penny University in Kingston.

Another new absolute favourite haunt in Canberra.

A casual atmosphere, blow-your-mind food, impeccable service and coffee worth staying up all night for.

I had the pork belly with a tangy fennel and corriander slaw.

He had the lamb with date & pistachio cous cous.

We shared the fries with wasabi aioli.

There was coffee & vanilla parfait with blood orange & burnt caramel sauce on my side....and a gingerbread icecream sandwich on his.

And coffee...gooood coffee.


Yup, totally love impromptu date nights.


(We can't express how much we LOVE our neighbor Claire who's generous offers of babysitting makes these date nights possible. She's all kinds of wonderful!)



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