Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hello Rain

We had the most beautiful wet weekend. Oh it was heavenly! The rain quenched our garden's thirst and soothed my soul. We didn't even mind that the annual CSO Proms concert at Goverment House was rained out. Well, the concert went ahead but we decided not to go. It poured all day, the event organisers had advertised that the concert would be postponed in inclement weather but stubbornly persisted to the dismay of many patrons including us. Such a pity, but cest la vie...we were tucked up warm and dry at home watching a movie and feasting on the picnic I'd packed for the concert.


Jack spent most of the weekend playing out in the rain...
In various wet weather outfits, mostly consisting of a nappy and gumboots.
Such a good steady soaking. The garden has already started to bounce back, much to our relief, and the tank is full again.
Today the Jackman and I made the most of the morning's sunshine and muddled about in the park...splashing in the stream, racing leaf boats and climbing trees.

Everything felt clean and bright again after a long dusty summer.
This afternoon a furious storm front rolled in...just as the school bell rang. It must have been a sight watching all of us parents scrambling for cover in classroom doorways. We were completely soaked, umbrellas or no. The rain was coming in sideways and a mini tornado whipped up in the quadrangle. One poor parent copped a serious head injury from a falling branch and the grounds were flooded. Thankfully the storm passed through quickly and the rain eased up enough for a dash back to the car.

Such a stormy, wet afternoon called for popcorn and an after school movie.


It can pour like this all week if it likes...we are LOVING it!!!


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