Sunday, January 14, 2018

Poachers Pantry

This time five years ago my world was flipped on its head with my breast cancer diagnosis.

I’d turned 36 two days before and suddenly I wasn’t able to see myself making it to 40. It was a fiercely frightening time. But thanks to the hell that is cancer treatment and sheer dumb luck, I’m still here, very much alive at the ripe old age of 41. And celebrate my birthday and simultaneously flip the bird at cancer, we took a drive out to Poachers Pantry this morning for a spot of brunch.

Its been a few years between visits and the cafe has undergone a bit of a transformation in that was lovely before but its grown into a really gorgeous space including a thriving kitchen garden. 

Brunch was as divine as ever...

To the boys great excitement two helicopters landed in the nearby paddock. They were delivering a few patrons to the you do. We went and had a sticky beak at the choppers after we do. 

Then we continued stickybeaking about the property for a bit before heading back down the tree lined drive toward home.

Such a beautiful morning. I’m so grateful to be here to enjoy it with my Littles and my Love and I’m certainly not going to leave it so long to get back to this gorgeous place. 

Xx Em

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