Thursday, July 13, 2017


Yesterday the boys and I scooted up the Federal highway to the Southern Highlands for a day trip to catch up with my youngest siblings. We met Alec and Paige at the Book Barn on the Bendooley Estate which sits on the edge of the little village of Berrima. The Book Barn was a new discovery for me and it was a heavenly place to escape the winter chill with a large fireplace, rows of shelves filled to the brim with new and vintage books, bentwood chairs at every turn and the yummiest chocolate cake this side of the equator. Jack was pretty chuffed.

When our caffeine and cocoa levels were sufficiently boosted and we'd caught up on each other's news we headed back into the village so that the kids could burn off some energy in the park. Note the distinct lack of winter jackets on those boys...Canberra kids are tough nuts to crack in winter.

We took a wander up the main street for a pub lunch, had another play in the park and a browse through some of the village stores then headed home in time to pick the Husband up from work.

It was so lovely catching up with Paige and Alec. 

Its rare for all three of us to be together given that we live in different states.
If only teleportation was a common mode of transport these days. 

xx Em

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