Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cotter Avenue

After a thoroughly tiresome week with two housebound sick little boys, we made a break for it this morning and drove out to Cotter Dam for some fresh air, sunshine and a paddle in the creek.


It was peaceful and pretty and the perfect place to potter about creating a dam wall in the shallows.



This afternoon while the boys chill out with a movie, I'll finally be able to finish off some custom orders and start designing some pretty things for Easter. Tuesday marks the first day of Autumn here and I am so thrilled that my favourite season officially kicks off...despite Summer stubbornly flouncing about with her horrid heat waves like a guest that has outstayed its welcome. Hurry up everything that is cool and colourful. I'm looking forward to Enlighten, the Handmade Market and the Balloon Spectacular as well as the turning of the leaves.

So much wonderful during the most wonderful season of the year!


Happy Days xx Em




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