Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lanyon Lovely


The Jackman and I took a little trip out to Lanyon Homestead yesterday.
We met up with my girlfriend's Mum for morning tea at the homestead cafe. Merilyn is not only the Mum of one of my besties, she's Grandma to Jack & Harry's little besties Bella & Sofia. Jack has dubbed her "Grandma Meri" and we're enjoying a lot of catch ups while Amita, Simon and the girls are on a posting to China. Jack has been dishing out plenty of cuddles so that Grandma Meri doesn't miss Sof and Bella so much. So sweet! Merilyn used to volunteer at the homestead. It's been quite a while since we last visited and it was so nice to catch up in such a gorgeous place.
The gardens at Lanyon are beautiful and we wasted no time exploring them.
Even though we have a substantial vege patch at home we never fail to be mesmerised by the one at Lanyon. It's a sensory wonderland with the most marvellous views west to the Brindabellas.
A little quality control was required in the berry patch...
Yup, they were good.
In fact they were so good that it took some convincing for Jack to leave some behind.
The flowers in bloom were a boost to the soul.
We wandered about in the soft drizzling rain for a while, admiring the first hues of Autumn in the berries along the hedgerow.
When the drizzle became a little downpour we headed back past the homestead to the cafe nestled in one of the outbuildings. Tucked up inside we caught up over coffee and completely delectable pear & kiwi muffins. I really enjoy chatting with Merilyn, the conversation is easy and we always have so much to talk about.
By the time we'd finished morning tea the rain had stopped so we popped down to the machinery sheds for a bit more of a stickybeak.
I'm determined to come back to Lanyon by myself one weekend and linger in the garden for a while. It's such a beautiful slice of Canberra's pastoral history and such a wonderfully uplifting place to be.


xx Em



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