Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Forage and Hustle & Scout - Autumn 2015

Hustle & Scout Twilight Fashion Market and The Forage...


Hands down, this was my favourite H&S market set in Hangar #47 at Canberra Airport on what was a perfectly gorgeous Autumn afternoon. It was a foodie lovers nirvana and there were plenty of dedicated foodies on hand to pay homage to The Forage.
Hustle & Scout garnered an eclectic array of vintage clothing & beautiful new fashion by Australian designers.
To a background of fantastic beats and a bit of ballet...



I love living in Canberra and events like this that show off the vibrancy of this city. Makes me proud to be amongst such creative and passionate people and to capture them doing what they love is a privilege.


xx Em





  1. Holy smokes, that is by FAR the most AMAZING farmers market I've ever seen! I'd probably spend WAY to much $$ there. Canberra kicks ass...seriously.



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